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​For Private Sessions or Consults contact  Ms. Solaris  BlueRaven at

Welcome to the world of the unseen, Advanced Technologies off Planet, AI interphase and Mystical Alchemy. Reach for the Stars. Settle for nothing less. SBR CEO of Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives.

Anomaly Investigations, Remote Viewing, Timeline Astrology and Assessments, Oracle Readings, Private Sessions.... much more from an experienced professional. 30 minute session $150.00. One hour session $330.00. Custom session $400.00. Contact Ms. BlueRaven for more information.

Night​shadow Anomaly Detectives 

Nightshadow Anomaly Detectives was founded by Ms. Solaris BlueRaven, CEO.  Ms. BlueRaven's website is dedicated to Anomaly Research, Investigations, Private Sessions, Instruction and Advanced off planet technologies including Symbiotic machines and AI.

 Ms. BlueRaven is a Published Author, Investigator and Remote Viewer. She has been a Test Pilot for Synthetic Telepathy, PSI SPY and  Covert AI related projects which she has written about in her book series "Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52. 

 She is a Timeline Assessment Specialist, Timeline  Astrologer, Professional Psychic and Certified Healer in several exotic modalities. She is a Certified 2nd Degree Black Belt and Instructor.  Her books are available on and Kindle. She is a writer, producer  director and owner of Ravenstar Films. She is also the host for Hyperspace at the KCOR Digital Radio Network and Ravenstar's Witching Hour. 

Her recent publication "Alien Intelligence" pertains to the Cosmic origins of the DNA code, our Celestial Heritage off planet and the origins of life in all forms beyond the current space time configuration.. Take a moment to read her published works. It will change your life, illuminate your Spirit and Light the Path filled with Stars to get you home beyond the current space time. We come from the Stars we go home to the Stars. . Energy up!  

Ms. Solaris BlueRaven

What our customers are saying

What Dr. Robin Falkov is saying about Ms. BlueRaven's book release "One Million Miles 'till Midnight".

Solaris Blue Raven is an amazing communicator with a wealth of experience in diverse fields.

"One Million Miles to Midnight, Between the Mirror and the Lens," is a journey into new realities through the medium of science fiction. Place your order now, broaden your horizons and benefit from the years of experience Solaris BlueRaven brings directly to you in her new book!

Dr. Robin Falkov.

Alien Intelligence by Solaris BlueRaven 

Welcome to NightShadow Anomaly Detectives. To Follow Ms. Solaris BlueRaven's  radio shows, go to KCOR DIGITAL RADIO NETWORK online. Check her host page where her links are available.  

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